Play Slot Machines Online in Canada: Bronco SpiritTM

Players in Canada and the rest of the globe are familiar with Pragmatic Play because of the incredible selection of online slot games that it offers. Due to the fact that the software creator has such a stellar reputation, everytime a new release is revealed, online gamers rush to the virtual doors of their choice online location in order to get a taste of what the title has to offer. There has already been some discussion among people who are passionate about gaming about the most recent addition to the software developer’s existing collection. We would like to introduce you to Bronco SpiritTM, an online slot machine with five reels that has a distinctive theme and even more impressive extra features.

Behind the reels, there is a golden desert that persists, and an electrifying music is playing in the background to create the tone for your gaming experience. It is possible to play the slot machine at the majority of the most prominent online gaming hubs in Canada; nonetheless, we strongly suggest that you give it a shot at Betsafe, which is a destination that is both safe and secure. You will learn more about that a little bit later, but for the time being, let’s go on an exciting adventure across the sands of the virtual desert as we explore what Bronco SpiritTM has to offer you.


A tent, a lady, a drum, an axe, and, of course, the stunning horse, which is also the highest paying symbol and offers up to 25 times your bet for five on a payline, are some of the theme-related symbols that can be found on the reels. Players will discover that these symbols appear on the reels. It is the ace, the club, the heart, and the diamond that make up the low value markers. The word “Wild” serves as the game’s Wild, and this symbol can take the place of any other sign, with the exception of the Bonus symbol. All of the reels have the potential to display the Bonus icon.


The Progressive function is the first of many features that Bronco SpiritTM has to offer, and it is one of the many benefits that it offers. In order to activate it, players must first purchase ten spins, which may be purchased on whatever stake they want. It is possible for the number of spins to grow from one to the next until ten is achieved; after that, the number will come back down to one. During the course of the game, you will become aware of a golden medallion that features a horse. This icon will be gathered and kept in the meter that is located at the top of the reels whenever it appears during a ten-spin cycle. This will occur each time the icon displays itself. When the tenth spin is completed, all of the gold coins that have been gathered will once more emerge on the screen in random spots as Wilds, and they will contribute to the outcome of that certain spin.

In addition, there is a Free Spins bonus that is unlocked if three or more Bonus icons appear on the screen. When this occurs, players will be awarded free spins in accordance with the quantity of bonus icons they have, as follows:

Three either results in fifteen free spins and four wilds or five free spins and seven wilds.

Four equals thirty free spins plus four wilds, or ten free spins plus seven wild points.

Fifty equals forty-five free spins plus four wilds, or fifteen free spins plus seven wilds.

Make sure to click on the info button before you start playing the game so that you may obtain further information on the rules that govern each of the game’s extra features.


When compared to some of the most popular online slots in Canada, Bronco SpiritTM was a welcome and refreshing change of pace; nevertheless, the real enjoyment lies in putting it to the test for yourself. This can be found at Betsafe Casino, where you will have access to a secure and convenient gaming experience that features some of Pragmatic Play’s most exciting creations.






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